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Friendly environment

We seek to help our students by providing a friendly, fun and professional environment in which to study.

Help to achieve

We are looking forward to the opportunity of welcoming you to the campus and helping you to achieve your educational and career goals.

Affordable courses

At Lloyds International College we offer FLEXIBLE TIMETABLES morning AFTERNOON and evening classes. Language assistance is available in the initial stages of enrolment. Our courses include affordable Business and English courses.

About College

Lloyds International College is one of the best business and English colleges in Sydney, Australia.

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Our courses

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Contact us

Send all New enrollments and payments to College Admissions Centre admin@lloydscollege.nsw.edu.au

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Learning Progress: 90% 90%
Happy teaching: 85% 85%
IELTS score Achievement: 99% 99%
Campus location: 90% 90%

Davide, Italy

I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their skills, and teachers are amazing!

Yuki, Japan

I like Lloyds International College because you can find good teachers here! They are cool, easygoing and clear!

I want to leave my feedback about this college! I had a need to learn English and having looked and compared a huge number of colleges around the world, I chose Lloyds International College.
There are several reasons for this, in such a difficult time of the pandemic, the college is ready to take me to study and educational agent Alexander Petrov helps a lot in this, who gives a lot of information about the country, about life and about the college itself, which will later help me improve my English … And a very important criterion for me when choosing a college was, of course, the price. Which meets the quality-price criterion.

I’ve started in January my first classes and I can say that the teachers and administrations have always been there to support and help me.
Especially during the COVID-19 !
I recommend Lloyd college !! Thank you

I’ve been studying at this school for 4 months. Very high quality education and professional, kind and helpful teachers. very nice. Also good nationality mix and kindly price. I love this school.