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Student Testimonials

Davide, Italy

I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their skills, and teachers are amazing!

Yuki, Japan

I like Lloyds International College because you can find good teachers here! They are cool, easygoing and clear!

Jun Kai, Japan

Thanks a lot to teachers and everyone in this school! Thank you so much!

Marco, Italy

Of course I recommend Lloyds to anyone who wants to study English, I like it a lot, and teachers are great!

Evgeniya, Russia

My course was very useful, fascinating and effective for preparation of my english skills for futher study at university.

Luca, Italy

The class is 100% focused on the exam and that also helped me to improve my writing and reading skills.

Julien, Colombia

 I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their English skills.

Sunhee, Korea

Here in Sydney you can find many International friends. My sister recommends me this school and I think I’m improving.

Julia, Russia

I was deeplyimpressed by the atmosphere of friendliness and I met a lot of nice people

Abdulrahman Mohammed A Alqarni

Hi, my name is Abdulrahman Mohammed A Alqarni.

I was a Diploma of Leadership & Management student at Lloyds International College in 2016. I received lots of benefits from my studies by gaining knowledge in my discipline. Doing the Diploma course allowed me to get offers from different universities such as the University of Newcastle. I got accepted into the University of Newcastle as a second year student as I was approved credits for the first year of university because of my Diploma with Lloyds International College.  That saved me a lot of time and money on university fees.

I’d seriously recommend all students to complete their Diploma of Leadership & Management with Lloyds International College and then apply for the Bachelor program with the University of Newcastle. I am very happy with the service and education I received from Lloyds International College staff.

Lloyds Marketing staff

Nickie,my student told me that she enjoys studying in her class every single day and see improvements in English skills so she is much more confident now.

Nickie is dedicated, fun, caring and possess wide range of knowledge so extended her study in GE course.


I have studied in Rick’s class for four months. He is a very responsible teacher and he really likes his job. Each lesson includes four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is very important for me. I enjoy each lesson, even if I am tired. I believe that future classes will be the same – interesting and effective.


Rick is the best teacher. His lectures are well organised and interesting. His door is always open for consultations. His comments are very constructive and encouraging. His lovely personality also contributes to the success of his teaching and lessons. He makes every student feel special.


I was asked to give feedback on the evening class for Preparation for IELTS. I can say that this is not my first English class. I admit that learning with Rick is an easy and fun way to study. The program of the class is clearly set out, so I know what we will do every day. Everything is explained perfectly and I can see the improvement in my English, which is the most important thing for me. Rick always tries to make classes interesting, not boring and very interesting.


Rick is my teacher and is the best of the best because he is interested in teaching us how to achieve results. He also tells us lots of interesting stories and explains a lot of new words. Time goes very fast in his class.


This class is very good. I like it. I can train for all parts of IELTS exam. Rick is the best teacher! Rick asks me and all the other students if they have any questions all the time. I like this type of lecture and feel that this class is very good for practising for the IELTS exam.


Rick is a diligent teacher. He uses humor in the teaching environment every day. My English has improved a lot. Thank you, Rick!

Lloyds Marketing staff

Dennis, he gives individual support where needed for my student and his class is always well organized but flexible at the same time and his class changed her willingness to learn English.

So she extended her study with Dennis.